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Photo Critique 2014-11-11

This is the  critique series where I will critique photos sent in by individuals.  Submissions are voluntary and as anonymous as I can make them.  If the owner of critiqued photos which to be known, they can post their comments below.  For now, I may entertain some discussion around the critique via the comments section, but again, these are my opinions and I don’t know everything.

The Critique



This is the second critique for the same person.  The photo is still a little small for me to really get in and really see detail, but I’ll give as much as I can.

The very first thing I notice about the photo is the great job at framing – a well used composition technique.  The photographer has framed the landscape quite nicely. To complement the framing the horizon is level, which is a huge plus in my book, especially for landscape photos.

The criss-cross of Crow Hill, the North Shore, and the Lewis Hills create a nice vanishing point near the centre of the photo — in fact, there are some nice imaginary lines through the photo, going from element to element.

As you can tell, I really do like the composition of this photo.  One thing I do find is somewhat missing is a sense of mood / tone.  I feel the photo is sort of flat as it was a dull, grey day.  I think that if the photographer could add some drama or something to the photo, it would give it a little more life — a bit of pop.

Many great landscape photographers (well any of the great photographers, really)  scout their location and wait for the perfect light. Maybe waiting, or at least planning a better time for this photo, could have added some depth and mood to the photo.  I feel that something like a nice warm glow from the evening sun, or a “god beam” on crow hill, or even a storm surge coming in the bay could really give this photo a bit of an edge.  Another option for the photographer would be to do a little most post work on the photo and increase the saturation and/or blacks — maybe try to add some contract to the clouds?

As you can tell, I really like it when photographers “make images”.  I don’t mean that they need to go and do a ton of post work, but they look for the composition, they wait for the light (or schedule for the light) or they wait for an event.  I like seeing premeditated ideas put into a photo (not saying this photographer hasn’t), which is why I chose to get into portraiture where I try to control everything.

I feel this image was quite well done, but like all my critiques, I try to add something to the photo, so I had to mention the mood / tone.  Great job!


Photo Critique 2014-11-11

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