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Every now and then I get an idea which makes more sense as a story, rather than a single image. A lot of the time I take one image out of a series to use in my galleries, but this breaks the context of what I was trying to portray.

Since the images are out of context on their own, I’ve created this page to enable these images to be put back into their original context. To go along with a series of images, I’ll try to describe the inspiration for the set. We too often just look at images and not try to understand what the creator was trying to do.


Steel Worker This was just a fun shoot just to try something a little different.
Statue Around here, there aren’t many statues. I find this strange since Newfoundlander’s are traditionally artistic and we also make / invent lots of things. So this is my attempt to recreate something that is reminiscent of ancient, fine art sculpture.
Night Out Recently in the news, there have been reports of escorts and prostitution rings close to where I live (in fact there’s probably some of that going on here). While I personally don’t have a huge problem with this in general, it’s when the girls are kept blitzed out of their minds to keep them in the trade that bothers me. It’s this helpless person that I feel for; and quite frankly, angry at the people who supply the drugs or use these women (women who are obviously not in this world). This series shows someone who has been found (by a friend / relative) before someone else’s “night out”.
Don’t Go Most of my regular work is just about making someone look good, which is in fact a good thing, but I often miss out on the artistic aspect of this art. In this series, “Don’t Go”, I wanted to try to portray some strong emotion and really get something out of the mood and tone of the image. One of the strongest emotions we experience is hurt, especially when we lose someone we love, so I wanted to capture that as best I could.

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