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Why I don’t give clients unedited photos

Many times I get clients asking for extra images and they say “they don’t need to be edited”.   While they feel they may not need to be edited, from a professional standpoint I have to do at least a little editing.

I may not do much with them, but I do have to ensure that the images are up to my standard.  Why?  Well, because it is a representation of my work.  When clients share my photos with their family or friends, I have to know that they’re seeing my best work.  What I mean is that a business is really comprised of two aspects: service and product.  I know I can control the service I give people, but I can’t control what photos clients show people — unless I filter them.

So the moral of the story, the only images I will give to clients are ones that I’ve gone through, edited, and feel are the best representation of my work.

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