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Intro to Studio Lighting

Intro to Studio Lighting

Thank you to everyone that attended this mini-course yesterday.  I really enjoyed sharing my knowledge with you, and I acutally enjoyed teaching.  Yesterday I said that I would include the notes from the class so I have attached them. I’ve also attached some links to some resources which you might find interesting, or others have asked about.  If I have left out anything you’re curious about, just shoot me a FB message and I’ll add it to the list!

Intro to Studio Lighting Notes


Frank Doorhof



Light Meter

L-308s (My Light Meter)

L-478DR  – This would be what I’d upgrade to

Light Modifiers

Westcott Apollo – Softbox for Speed Light (They also have an octobox called the ORB)

Parabolic Umbrella – The huge one I was using.

Studio Lights

Elimchrom Kit – Great Starter kit, comes with triggers, stands, soft boxes, and carrying case.

Alien Bees B400 – You’ll need to buy stands, modifiers, and triggers separately.

Alien Bees B800 – You’ll need to buy stands, modifiers, and triggers separately.


These will control Alien Bees Lights.  You’ll be able to adjust the power from your camera.  Will not control the power of other brand lights.

Cyber Sync Comander (Was what we were passing around in the course)

Cyber Sync+ Receiver (to work with commander)


These will trigger any light, and any speedlight that has a PC sync port.

Cyber Sync Transmitter (Cheaper option to Commander)

Cyber Sync Receiver (Cheaper option to Cyber Sync+)


Pocket Wizard  – There are tones of options here and I don’t know enough about them to suggest a product.  You’ll have to do some research on this product

Yongnuo Transceiver – Will work with studio light AND speed lights.  This set will give you one for on your camera and another for your flash.

Phottix Odin – Another great option worth a mention

Battery Pack

Vegabond Mini


Benro Travel Angel – This is the newer version of mine and there are also Carbon Fibre versions available (Stronger and Lighter)


Capture One


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