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Fashion: Kickin’ it in the bush!

Being in Newfoundland, Canada, we are privileged to have the ability to interact with some of the most scenic landscapes in the world. Within an hour, you can see high cliff faces, sandy beaches, lush mountains, and pristine oceans.  The one thing you do not see very often, however, is a fashion shoot happening in any one of these locations.

Over this past week I had the incredible opportunity to help out with an editorial project that Robert DiVito put together — a fashion shoot at the Gros Morne Tablelands and the top of the Western Brook Fjord.  I was very keen on this project because I really love editorial and fashion work and this was a way for me to gain some experience in the industry. But, it was also way more than that.  It was an adventure, an opportunity to meet new people, a way share ideas and be creative, and I would even go so far as saying that it was a time of self discovery and reaffirmation.

The people I met through this project were all incredible, not just at doing their jobs but as human beings.  They were all very kind, caring, beautiful people.  During the entire trip, I was in awe of the appreciation and love they have for other people, art, and life — it was truly inspiring.  I hope that I have the opportunity to work with some or all these people again and that we retain the bonds and friendships that we made over this short but incredible four-day adventure.

If you’d like to check out the final images, please visit the First Love editorial in Chloe Magazine (http://joom.ag/4iTb/p54).

Also, Rob D. also created a small Art Film to accompany the editorial, here’s the link to that.


Photographer: Robert Divito

Model: Kelleth Cuthbert

Hair / Makeup: Ashley Gesner

Stylist: Michelle Paiano

Guide: Clem Reid

Assistant: Robert Stratton



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